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Grooming update Jan 30 2023

This grooming update provided for you by

The City of Corner Brook

Groomed from Rugged Edge to Confederation Drive then back to Marble/Massey intersection. Groomed up over Marble then back to Rugged Edge. Still a couple wet spots to watch for.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to Oldmans Pond then out Frenchmans Pond rd to the Mink Farm in Cox's Cove. Goomed back to rattler and across rattler to Gilliams, then back through to Mcivers as far as Ricketts rd then returned back through to Hughes brook.

Gilliams trail still has wet spots.

Mcivers trail is lacking snow and has rocks in spots and a couple wet spots. Didn't continue any farther do to lack of snow conditions!

Groomed trails from Pasadena East Carp Creek to Marble Mountain back to Pasadena East, trails are in good condition!

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