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TRAIL STOCK: 1000CC-850CC, 800CC, 700CC, “NOLAN SMITH - 600CC”

General Conditions & Requirements:

  1. This is a stock class. Factory race sleds are not permitted in this class and must enter in the Improved Trail Stock as they are improved by the Factory for racing.

  2. The snowmobile must have original OEM for the model engine, hood, frame, cowl, gas tank, carburetor, air box, suspension and variable speed converter.

  3. The 600 trail stock class has been renamed the "Nolan Smith 600 Trail Stock Class" in memory of Nolan Smith, who was the class winner of 2013.

Acceptable items to Change:

  • Gearing

  • (Ramps, Weights, Pins, Springs, and Cams)

  • Jetting

  • Track

  • Full Length Ski (Aftermarket skis allowed but must be minimum of 40 inches long)

  • Handlebars (675mm minimum with grips)

  • Windshields

  • CDI Boxes Must Remain OEM (No Programming)

Important items to keep in mind NOT to touch:

  • OEM Bore & Stroke (Example: If original engine is 597cc then it MUST maintain 597cc)

  • OEM Crankshaft

  • OEM Chassis

  • OEM Suspension (No modified parts. Example: Rail extensions, wheels, shocks, etc.)

  • OEM Clutch

  • No Port & Polish

  • Exhaust

  • Carburetors (Excluding jetting)

  • Air Box

  • Headlight/Taillight

  • Snow Flap

  • Pump Fuel ONLY! Race Fuel is NOT Permitted! (Subject to Random Testing)

  • No Fuel Controllers

  • No Add-On Gauges

  • Functional Tether Switch (Will be tested during tech inspection)

  • Coolant System (No quick disconnect couplers within coolant lines to permit snowmobile to be cooled down. Snowmobiles cannot be cooled down via any source other than through the OEM coolant system.)

Trail Stock Champion:

  • The top two finishing sled from Trail Stock 1000-850cc, 800cc, 700cc, 600cc, and 4ST will run against other another in a final showdown to determine the fastest trail stock sled.

  • Only one sled entry per racer.

  • Rules apply from Trail Stock Class


General Conditions Requirements:

  1. Same Rules as Trail Stock Class

  2. Acceptable Sled Must be 135 HP Class; 4-Stroke Engine

  3. They will be Placed in the 800cc Class of Either Trail Stock, Improved Stock or Pro Stock depending on Specifications.

  4. No Turbos Permitted


General Conditions Requirements:

  1. Same Rules as Trail Stock Class

  2. Acceptable Sled Must be 155 HP Class; 4-Stroke Engine

  3. They will be Placed in the 850cc-1000cc Class of Either Trail Stock, Improved Stock or Pro Stock Depending on Specifications.

  4. No Turbos Permitted


General Conditions Requirements:

  1. Stock Turbos Permitted, and 4-Stroke Engines with NO Turbo also Permitted

  2. Same Rules as Trail Stock


  • All Trail Stock Modifications:

    • Gearing

    • Clutching (Ramps, Weights, Pins, Springs, and Cams)

    • Jetting

    • Track

    • Full Length Ski (Aftermarket skis allowed but must be minimum of 40 inches long)

    • Handlebars (675mm minimum with grips)

    • Windshields

    • CDI Boxes Must Remain OEM (No programming)

  • Reeds

  • Cut Heads (No aftermarket)

  • Port & Polish

  • Bore (MUST be within class cc limit, EXAMPLE: 670cc engine may be bored up to 707cc’s; however, may not be bored up to 800cc’s to run in the 800cc class.)

  • Exhaust Pipes (Aftermarket exhaust systems permitted but MUST maintain OEM layout.       Exhaust system MUST exit from body in OEM location. Example: If; OEM layout consists of Y-Pipe, into one main pipe, into one silencer, into one exhaust out from body; racers MUST maintain those characteristics.)

  • Air Box or Air Filters

  • Advance Timing

  • Track Drivers (No billet aftermarket)

  • Oversize Rear Idler Wheel Kits (NO modifications to OEM chassis or suspension)

  • Base Gaskets & Head Gaskets

  • OEM Carburetor/Throttle Body (Can be Bored)

  • Carburetors Boots

  • Adjustable Fuel Controller for Fuel Injected Models (CANNOT be accessible to driver during race)

  • CDI Boxes Must Remain OEM (No Programming)

  • Gauges

  • Rail Extensions

Important items to keep in mind NOT to touch:

  • OEM Stroke

  • OEM Clutches

  • OEM Crankshaft

  • OEM Chassis (MUST have exhaust exiting stock outlet location)

  • OEM Engine (MUST match OEM Chassis)

  • OEM Suspension

  • Taillight

  • Snow Flap

  • Pump Fuel ONLY! Race Fuel is NOT Permitted! (Subject to Random Testing)

  • No Lightweight Parts

  • No Small Gas Tanks Inside of OEM tanks (MUST remain OEM)

  • Functional Tether Switch (Will be tested during tech inspection)

  • Coolant System (No quick disconnect couplers within coolant lines to permit snowmobile to be cooled down. Snowmobiles cannot be cooled down via any source other than through the OEM coolant system.)


Same as Improved Trail Stock Class

PRO STOCK: 1000CC, 800CC, 700CC, 600CC

Acceptable Items to Change:

  • All Improved Trail Stock Modifications

  • Aftermarket Engines

  • Aftermarket Suspensions

  • Chassis Modifications Permitted (MUST be OEM Base Chassis with serial number)

  • Lightweight Parts

  • Ignition

  • Any Engine Can be Matched to an OEM Chassis

  • Open Carburetors

  • Bore & Stroke (Engines are allowed 2% over displacement. Example: 1020cc allowed in 1000cc class)

  • No Headlight or Taillight Required

Important Items to Keep in Mind NOT to Touch:

  • Snowmobile must resemble stock model of chosen brand.

  • No Aftermarket Lay Down Chassis

  • Snow Flap

  • No Nitrous Oxide Plumbing can be Installed; Even if Bottle is Removed.

  • Functional Tether Switch (Will be tested during tech inspection)


General Conditional Requirements:

  1. Only 4-Stroke Turbo Improved, Prostock 1000, 800, 700 & 600cc may run in this class.

  2. 4-Stroke sleds are permitted to run race fuel in this class.

  3. 2-Stroke sleds MUST follow pro-stock rules (As Above)

  4. 4-Stroke sleds MUST follow 4-Stroke Turbo Improved rules (As Above) With exception of note 2 here-in.


New for 2020 Race on the Rock

General Conditions Requirements:

  1. Same Rules as Open Class with Exception of:

    • No Turbo/Supercharger

    • No Nitrous

  2. See rules above for 1000cc Open Class for reference.


Acceptable Items to Change:

  1. Any & All Modifications are Permitted

  2. Nitrous, and Turbo are Allowed

  3. Any cc Engine


Important Items to Keep in Mind NOT to Touch:

  1. Functional Tether Switch (Will be tested during tech inspection)

  2. Snow Flap


All race registrants are responsible to read and become familiar with rules below!

2020 RULES

  1. All racers will be assigned a bib # as system issues upon completion of registration and payment. Racers will be given their assigned bib # after tech and approved classes are paid. A $30 fee will be charged for each tech approved class.

  2. Located at the starting line is a 1 Minute clock, (subject to change). After the first sled arrives at the starting line for a particular race, a 1 minute countdown will begin.  When the timer reaches 0, or all racers are at the starting line before the timer elapses, the race will start, whether all racers are at the starting line or not.

  3. It is recommended that pit crew clear the area as fast as possible so as not to interfere in the race start.  In the event of a counter reaching 0 and pit crew still in staging area, the race will start.

  4. Members of pit crew etc...are the responsibility of the driver to whom assigned. If pit crew is found to be breaking any rules, pit crew and driver can be disqualified and rule #38 will come into effect.

  5. The condition of a machine is the responsibility of the driver. A driver may be disciplined if driver’s machine is modified as to defraud the officials or other competitors.

  6. No protests will be accepted that refer to a race chief/technical director's judgment or decision.

  7. It shall not be possible to protest or appeal technical inspection equipment, scoring or timing equipment.

  8. A protest must be valid in the eyes of the race chief who has the option not to accept it for action.

  9. All snowmobiles must have handlebar mounted button (on/off) kill switch on the right side within thumb reach (this is in addition to your tether switch).

  10. The tether switch will be securely mounted in a location on the snowmobile other than on the handlebars.

  11. The tether switch will be securely fastened to the driver, no alligator clips are allowed. Helmets (DOT Certified) must be worn by all racers.

  12. All machines must be equipped with a “safety disconnect” and be operable at all times. This will be the responsibility of the driver. Tethers must be used and attached to the operator whenever the engine is running.

  13. No competitor or driver pit personal (stock classes) shall possess power boosting in addition or agent upon the race premises of the sanctioned event. Violation of the rule shall subject the violator to be disqualified.

  14. Brakes shall be operative at all times.

  15. Improper usage of pit passes will be grounds for discipline.

  16. Reasonable speeds will be observed in the pit area. All pit areas are caution zones where utmost in driver awareness is required.

  17. The driver’s meeting is mandatory and will be held at an announced time and place. It is to be conducted by the race chief.

  18. Snowmobile safety stands that catch debris thrown by a track are mandatory.

  19. The inspection group will not reassemble parts removed by technical inspectors to verify machine class placement.

  20. If you cross over into a competitor’s lane, you are disqualified from that race.

  21. If you do not cross the finish line during your race you will be considered "did not finish" and are disqualified from that race.

  22. A sled can only be entered in a total of three classes.

  23. No studs or traction products are acceptable in any class.

  24. No refund of registration fees will be given for either missed races or for disqualifications

  25. Only officials and persons who are racing or have pit passes are permitted in the pit area. Pit area includes the fenced in area, this also includes the trailers in the staging area. All persons must be 16 years of age and provide a photo ID.  Only one pit pass will be issued per bib. One (1) additional pit pass can be purchased from the registration desk for an extra fee of $20 each for a maximum of 2. Pit passes must be worn on the wrist.

  26. Alcohol and/or drug use is not permitted by any racer or pit personnel before they have finished racing. If a racer or pit personnel is found to have been drinking or using drugs, then that racer/pit personnel and sled are automatically disqualified for the day and no money is returned to the racer.

  27. There will be no extensions to the registration deadline, except at the discretion of the registration officials and if extenuating circumstances exist.

  28. Persons who are late for Tech inspection are automatically disqualified from the races.

  29. Riders will be charged a $100 refundable deposit for race bibs on race day. When the bib is returned to the registration room, the deposit will be refunded. If bib is not returned racers will not receive any winnings and will not be permitted to participate in future events.

  30. All racers must have a working tail light, brake light, headlight, (Headlights are not required in Power Adder, King Of The Hill or Pro Stock).

  31. Sleds with baffles removed from stock exhaust systems will be considered modified, and will be classified as improved.

  32. Race order will be determined on race day. Race order is subject to change during the day at the discretion of race officials.

  33. Race lanes are situated from right to left looking at the hill, with the right most lane being #4.

  34. If a race class does not have enough entries officials are permitted to place the racer into the next higher qualifying race classification without the racers permission. If the sled is already registered in that class, then the sled is registered in the first eligible race class and that registration money will go into that race class.

  35. If a racer is found to have a sled that is registered in a certain class, and the sled is then found out to be ineligible to race in that class due to a judgment or registration mistake, that sled is moved up to the next qualified class. If money has not yet been paid for registration, the registration for the ineligible class is cancelled and the racer selects another class.  If money is lost due to this reclassification, no money is refunded.

  36. A $100 administration and processing fee will be charged for each sled in addition to race class registration fees of $30 per class. This $100 fee is also referred to as "Pre-registration Fee" and will be collected via phone call from WSR once online pre-registration is complete.

  37. If a racer tries to register a sled for a certain class, and that sled is then found out to be ineligible to race in that class due to modifications by tech inspection, both that racer and the sled are disqualified from all races; no registration money will be refunded.

  38. Racers who are deemed to have broken any race rules may face sanctioning. Sanctions will be imposed at the discretion of the Race On The Rock race committee and may include, but not limited to, disqualification of class and or the race, fines, and or bans from future races or events held by Western Sno-Riders. Sanctions applied are not able to be appealed.

  39. A Bore And Stroke Gauge will be on site on race day, random checks may be performed on race day at the discretion of race officials.

  40. A no show for post-race tech inspection will mean automatic disqualification, rule number 7 will come into effect.

  41. Only driver, sled and one pit crew member will be allowed into staging area, staging at start lights will be the sole responsibility of the driver.

  42. Sleds that do not come to a complete stop at staging lights will be disqualified from that race.

  43. Sleds may not leave the confines of the lane run off areas or return lane. Non-compliance of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

  44. Tracks on sled will not be in reverse direction for safety and braking purposes. Non-compliance of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.  Except Pro Stock and Open only.

  45. Red light will mean automatic disqualification.

  46. A driver and the snowmobile (chassis and motor) shall be considered a unit, and once registration is complete, neither will be substituted.  If a driver is qualified on a snowmobile, both must be in the same final event of the class, and or event. There will be no substitutes for sled or driver once registration is closed.

  47. When your number is called for a race, you will have 1 minute (subject to change to show or you are disqualified from that race. This disqualification can be appealed to the race chief, if qualifying for that race class is still going on. Racers in the staging area should listen for the staging officials announcement of classes and ensure that bib #’s and classes match before pulling up to the line. Bib’s must be worn with the number facing towards the back.

  48. Racers must be 16 years of age or older. Racers 18 years of age or under must show us Picture ID and a signature from a legal guardian or parent is required..  Any racer may be asked to provide a Picture ID.

  49. Pre-Registration fee is now non-refundable. In the event that Race on the Rock is cancelled by WSR for weather or safety concerns $50 per registration will be refunded to the racer. A $50 administration/insurance fee per registration will be withheld by WSR.

  50. WSR will contact all confirmed pre-registration entrants for payment via phone calls from WSR. Once call is recieved, payment is to be recieved no later than April 5, 2019 at 7:00pm. If this fee is not paid by this date,  you are not considered registered and your registration will automatically be removed.

  51. The top two sleds from each class will be “Tech Inspected.”

  52. If a driver does not allow his sled to be tech inspected, the sled will be immediately disqualified from the race.  (ie: Techs Will Be Allowed to Remove Y-Pipes & Carb Boots In Trail Stock To Check Port & Polish)

  53. Time Slips will be available on return if software and equipment allow for this to happen.

  54. Two Techs will be on site in the return lane to perform random spot checks as the race day progresses.

  55. Maximum 5 km/h while in the pit area!!!

  56. No Additives will be permitted in fuel or oxygenated fuel. (stock classes only).

  57. No open flame of any kind is permitted in the pit/race area. This includes anyone smoking or with a BBQ.

  58. Any stock snowmobile that has an electronically controlled fuel pressure regulator or         programmer will moved up to the improved class.

  59. The beam breaker mounted to the ski shall not extend past the size of the ski loop. 

  60. Sleds are only to be driven in the designated race area.  If any racer is seen riding anywhere else on the mountain at any time they will be disqualified, with no money returned to them and no winnings awarded.

  61. There will be a fee of $50.00 to have a trailer placed in the pit area. Fee's must be paid at the registration desk prior to being placed in the pit area. Trailers will be placed in the pit area in an order and location as determined by the race official assigned that duty. This will take place as tech inspections are completed and we have complete control of the ski hill.  Trailers will be moved
    from the parking lot onto the hill by a designated race official. Racers are not permitted to drive their truck/trailer onto or off of the hill at any time. There shall be no unregistered sleds in the pit area, including inside trucks and trailers within the pit area. Western Sno-Riders reserves the right to enter a trailer at any time, unannounced, and unimpeded, to do an inspection. If any rules infractions are found to be broken, they will be dealt with immediately by the Race Committee.  Rule # 38 will apply.

  62. Upper Body Protection That Meets WSR Guidelines:  Evs, Tek Vest, Saf-Jak, Leatt Adult, Leatt Youth, HMK Protective Vest. Must protect front and back.

  63. Full arm wear must be worn. ie long sleeve shirt, or jacket.

  64. Boots must be worn when racing no shoes allowed.

*** Race On The Rock rules and regulations can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Race Committee or Western SnoRiders Board of Directors ***




PLEASE keep in mind that all other race rules will also be in force in the snocross event as is the drag event except those specifically pertaining to DRAG RACING such as lane choice, lights, etc. It is YOUR DUTY as a racer to review these rules on the Western Sno Riders website. Any riders or pit crew not adhering to these rules can be disqualified from the days events.

Important Notes:

Racers must be a minimum age of 16 (As of race date) to participate in the event AS WELL as be admitted into the pit area. NO EXCEPTIONS. Racers under the age of 18 need parental/guardian consent and signature, and ALL RACERS need to bring a Photo ID.


Green – The race is now started and riders will proceed to navigate the track

White – This is the last lap of any given race

Black – Your actions have been deemed a hazard on the track, or your snowmobile has been damaged to the point of it also being a hazard on the track (Parts, hood, etc.  off and on the race course)

Yellow – There is a rider off their machine on the other side of feature/jump or there is a machine in the track with mechanical failure which poses a hazard. Please proceed with caution, remain in your placement (No Passing until clear of the situation) and do not perform any jumps until passed red flag.

Checker – Signals the end of the race. Your finishing position is determined at this point.

The number of laps per class will be determined closer to race day once we have an idea how big the track will be and time it takes to complete a lap. However, the Open Class will have more laps than other classes.

Studded tracks WILL NOT be permitted in any classes whatsoever for the snocross event, the same rule that applies to the Uphill Drag Racing.

Race Fuel will be allowed in All Classes as long as the snowmobile modification requirements are in line with each particular set of class rules.

There will be timed practice for all registered racers and there will also be a sight lap for the line up of riders in each class to see how the track may have changed up to this point to check lines, jump faces, etc. before the start of each heat race. We recommend taking your sight lap slowly to size up the track very well, as you will have lots of opportunity to show how fast you are in your heat races.

All classes with under 10 racers will be ran in two heats and rider finishing position will be the number of points scored for each heat.(ie: 1st place 1 point. 2nd place 2 points etc) The rider with the lowest number after both heats are completed will be declared the winner of each class. In the event of a tie in points for 1st 2nd or 3rd, the two tied riders will compete in a head to head single lap race with the winner of that race being declared the winner. All classes with over 10 racers will be ran in heat races with top 4 advancing to final while the rest go to a Last Chance Qualifier. The top two from the LCQ will move onto final with 10 racers making the main event.

The winner of the Open Class will be crowned King of the Bumps and will be awarded a trophy as well as a prize payout the size of which depends on how many people are in a given class.

Registration costs are the same as Uphill Drag. $100 for sled registration and $30 per class. The $30 per class will be divided up among 1st 2nd and 3rd place finishes with a payout structure of 50%/30%/20% of class fees that are collected.

We also must state, even though it should be common knowledge, that racers in Snocross must wear a DOT/SNELL approved helmet suitable for the application. ALL racers must also wear chest protection, snowmobile tek-vest or motocross chest protection is acceptable. We also suggest using appropriate protective gear such as proper boots, knee and other body protection, but this is at the racers own accord. You do NOT have to, but it is highly reccommended.