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Grooming Update- Dec 29, 2021

Corner Brook groomer has been repaired. Tracked in from Blue Hill Brook to the Shiver Shack, then down Twin Ponds Trail to Gallants. Continued on down railbed and back to Rugged Edge. Low snow conditions around George’s Lake and bare sections.  Also lots of stumps and rocks on the first section of Twin Ponds Trail when leaving from Gallants. Thank you to Terry Locke for bringing our operator out to the crossroads yesterday and then meeting him again today to bring him back to the groomer.

Tracked from Hughes Brook to Camp 10 Trail and on into Humber Valley Resort. Continued up Water Supply Road to the Smiley Trail. Stopped at the top of first hill on Smiley Trail due to low snow conditions. Tracked back to Resort, Camp 10 and returned to Hughes Brook. Logger School Road

Railbed by George’s Lake

Humber Valley Kitchen

Little North Brook east of HVR

Smiley Trail

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