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Grooming update Jan 24 2024

Updated: Jan 26

Groomed from rugged edge out to Railbed then up to crossroads. Turned up Southshore Trail, and groomed to Benoits Cove. Returned to rugged edge same route.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to the warm up shelter at the Sink Hole and back. There is a lot of snow and big drifts going from the warm up Shelter in Kennedy Lake to the Sink Hole shelter.Going to be real good rinding in that way for the weekend!

BTW here are a few pictures of how a warm up shelter should be kept! Thanks to everyone that makes it possible.

Track roads in from Pasadena East to Marble Mountain Resort back to the top of Marble Mountain and returned to Pasadena East up to top of Stenaford Hill and back to home base. Some water 💧 holes going to Marble, drive with caution!!!

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