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Grooming update Feb 7 2024

Groomed from Rugged Edge to Tower Rd then on to Marble/Massey intersection. Dropped drag and tracked up and over Marble. Went back and hooked up drag and groomed over Marble to Steady Brook intersection. Groomed back over to Marble/Massey intersection and dropped drag again and tracked out to City Tire then down and out to Riverside drive. Tracked back out and hooked back up to drag and groomed back out to City Tire. Returned back to Rugged Edge same way.

Tracked from Hughes brook to Cox's Cove to the big bog on top of the hill going towards Mclvers then turned around and tracked back to Frenchmans pond and across to Mclvers then turned around and tracked to Gillams where the trail meets the end of the lane I think it's called Forest Drive. Then turned around and tracked back to Hughes Brook trails are in great shape other than a few Rocks on the Gillams trail nothing to serious tho but sleders should still use caution ⚠️ to be on the safe side when the temperatures drop all them will be good to go with the drag 😁..

P.S and a little side note thanks to the Ski-dooers that I seen tonight and done there part and stayed back and waited for the go ahead to pass in a safe spot and opening so it would be as safe as possible for them and myself and others thank you very much. Appreciated it cheers to happy Riding.

Groomed trails from Pasadena East up to Steinaford Hill over to Nelson pond on to Pynns Brook Road to Glide Lake road on to Deer Lake Spillway back to Pasadena out to club road back to Pine Ridge Road return back to Pasadena East trails are in good shape.

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