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Grooming update Feb 3 2024

Groomed from Rugged Edge to Tower Rd then across to Massey. Turned and went up and over Marble to Dteady Brook trail intersection. Turned around there and groomed back to Rugged Edge same way.

Groomed from Hughes Brook in to the end of the road at Moose Pond, dropped the drag and the tracked in the smiley face trail to Humber Valley Resort then tracked back and got the drag and groomed back out to Hughes Brook. The trail is shaping up but riders should still use caution ⚠️ as there are a few rough spots and a few nice rocks that are just under the snow I'm thinking by the latter part of next week we should be able to take the drag over it cheers to a great weekend riding.

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Dean Brake
Dean Brake
05 feb

Any idea when the trail will be groomed from Gillams to Frenchman’s pond? A lot of snow and drifting over the weekend

Me gusta
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