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Grooming Update - Feb 25, 2022

Groomed from Rugged Edge out to Farm Road/Ring Road then onto Watsons Pond Road to Tower Road and up over Marble Mountain to Marble Intersection and onto Camel Back. Groomed back to intersection and on out to Steady Brook/Marble. Groomed back over Marble and returned to Rugged Edge.

Hills are icy going over Marble, also watch for areas that are starting to eat out under the trail from the rain and lack of frost.

Groomed from Hughes Brook up 26 Trail to the communities of Irishtow, Summerside, Meadows and part of Gillams and returned to Hughes Brook. Brook is still flowing good between Meadows and Gillams. One skidoo did not make it through and was abandoned. Adam did pull it out and put it off to the side of the trail.

Groomed from Pasadena East to Carp Creek and onto Camel Back. Groomed back to Midland West Trail and back to Pasadena East.

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