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Grooming Update - Feb 21, 2022

Left from Rugged Edge fixed ice build up and washout at Big Feeder Brook bridge, filled in holes before railbed, fixed washouts on short connector trail to Benoit’s Cove trail from railbed. Fixed up washout at Crossroads/LSR and fixed up washout just passed Beaver Pond on railbed. Bladed up and down Green Tank hill to scrape up the ice so snow would stick and get traction back.  Also bladed out trail on transmission line across from Green Tank hill over to Rugged Edge to avoid pavement.

Left Hughes Brook, tracked in over Ell Pond out Frenchmans Pond Road to Cox’s Cove and the Rattler out to McIvers so far as Rickets Road then back up through the communities. All washed out areas are fixed and made safe as possible except for between Meadows and Gillams as seen in the first pic.

The old route on Ell Pond trail is tracked and opened up due to the brook on the new route having too much water flowing.

Left Pasadena and tracked and fixed washouts to Steady Brook and tracked back to Pasadena. Lots of videos and photos on our page. (Thank you Donnie O’Keefe)

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1 Comment

Dean Brake
Dean Brake
Feb 22, 2022

Awesome job guys. Thanks for your time and effort, greatly appreciated

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