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Grooming update Feb 16 2024

Groomed from Rugged Edge to the railbed, as mentioned earlier today, there is a burned snowmobile about 3km past the green tank, it is off the trail and flagged but riders should use caution.

Went out as far as Mount Moriah on the railbed, turned around and went to Gallants on the railbed. Returned to Rugged Edge on the same route.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to the Warm Up shelter in Kennedy Lake then on across to the Warm up shelter at the Sink Hole and Back to Hughes Brook. There are Quad Tracks again on the trail from Hughes Brook to in past Old mans pond 😡. Snowmobiles Should use Caution ⚠️ going across From Kennedy lake to the Sink Hole as there is Heavy Drifting in that Area.

Groomed from Pasadena East to North Harbour Road then into North Harbour to the waters edge and back and up to Carp Creek and back to Pasadena East. Moose they are plentiful in north Harbour Road.

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