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Grooming Update - Feb 14, 2022

Groomed from Rugged Edge out Watsons Pond Road, Tower Road, over Marble and onto Camel Back. Then groomed to Marble intersection and out Steady Brook trail and back twice. Groomed back over Marble and down City Tire trail then return back to Rugged Edge. Very hard grooming over marble as the yes mam’s we’re like concrete. Jason did the best he could under those conditions.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to Sinkhole warm up shelter and groomed back to Hughes Brook. Adam is reporting same issues as Jason and as you can see from the pic below, the trail is hard and shattered.

Groomed from Pasadena east to Camel Back and then groomed back to Pasadena east. Roger is saying the same as other 2 operators and is finding a lot of collapsed snow areas in the boggy sections. He filled them in as best as possible.

Stay Safe, Ride Safe

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