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Grooming Update - Feb 13, 2020

Groomed from Rugged Edge out old trail to Ring Road/Farm Road and return. Continued  over Marble and out to Marble. Groomed back to Massey Drive and down to City Tire. Then groomed back to Rugged Edge.

Groomed from Hughes Brook out 26 to all communities on the North Shore and returned to Hughes Brook.

Groomed Pynns Brook Road and tracked Rideouts out over ridge to North Harbour Road.

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Western Sno-Riders
Feb 14, 2020

Thank you Craig. We will pass your message off to Jason Sweet, the groomer operator for that area. Cheers.


Feb 14, 2020

There's grooming, and then there's quality grooming. Speaking for CB area, this has been the most consistent, quality grooming, I've seen for some time. Trails are wider than previous years, smooth and free of long rolling mounds(whop-de-does). Even on tracked trails, the blade work is phenomenal. Hats off to Mr. Groomer whoever you are.

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