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Grooming Update - Feb 10, 2021

Tracked/bladed from Rugged Edge out the Farm Road trail to the Ring Road and back to Watson’s Pond road. Continued out new Watson’s Pond trail to ring road and returnEd back to the railway bed. Track/bladed out to Mt Moriah and back the railway bed and up over the hill to South Shore trail. Continued out railway bed and on into the Shiver Shack and returned to Rugged Edge.

Groomed from Hughes Brook on Goose Arm Road to Sinkhole Warm up Shelter and returned.

Tracked with the compaction bar from Pasadena North to the top of Marble Mountain and returned.

Please note that while there are pockets with heavy snow, there are other spots especially on the cut overs with low snow levels. Some spots have been marked off by our operators but others may appear anywhere.

Enjoy but be very careful.

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Feb 13, 2021

Is back of massey dr to hugest brook possible to do to track


Feb 11, 2021


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